Time has been flying the past two and a half weeks. We went to a Calgary Flames game and they won – woohoo! The energy in the arena was incredible, I was like a child in a candy store, in total awe. Calgary is a city I really enjoy and always have fun in, and I’ve come to notice that’s because there are so many family and friends there that we love. It’s often not about where we are, but the company in which we find ourselves.

Flying from Calgary to London we were very surpised to land in London to winter storm warnings. I literally laughed out loud, I was totally shocked at this. A great lesson in in not making assumptions!! Here I’d been promising my partner for months that we would have spring in England and it would be beautiful and green with flowers and birds and beautiful smells. Instead we were snowed in for a few days. But hey, we enjoyed a cup of tea and watching the snowfall, and of course throwing snowballs!

We are so connected in todays world, and sometimes I find it draining to be attached to a phone or computer.  So often we get places or have visitors and the first thing asked is whats the wifi code?  I didn’t connect my phone or laptop to wifi for days when we arrived, and it was FABULOUS. I was able to be present with my family without the distraction of technology. My intention for my trip is to be fully in the moment and spend time with people I love and in nature rather than on devices.

A fun challenge: notice how you feel before being on your phone or social media, and how you feel afterwards. If it inspires you, and makes you feel wonderful, awesome, keep the positive feelings rolling. However if you feel zoned out, or get stuck in the trap of comparison to others, consider ways you can cut down on technology and spend more time in the moment loving and accepting yourself. When we allow ourselves time to disconnect, we allow space to reconnect with ourselves, with our truest essence, with the most loving part of ourselves – the part we can truly flourish from.


I’m about to embark on an extremely exciting journey, and I could not feel more ready or grateful for this opportunity!

B School is a modern business school for entrepreneurs. Based online with the motto ‘ Make Money, Change The World’ it helps teach business owners the skills they need to market and grow their business while also focusing on the difference they desire to make.

Every year Marie Forleo offers around 50 scholarships to B School – and I am overjoyed to say that I am one of the 47 people for 2016 who will be experiencing B school for FREE! I am still in shock, and I still get goosebumps and light up thinking about reading down the scholarship list and seeing my name! (My boyfriend got a loud and energized wake up call that morning!!)

Being granted a B School Scholarship is huge for me as I have so many insights, coping mechanisms, belief busters, and transformations that I want to share with the world, but no real business or marketing experience. And I’m not the kind of person to let that stop me – I’m the kind of person who enjoys stepping out of my comfort zone, and looking for ways to make things happen. Not only am I going to learn incredible skills in B school, but I’ve already fallen in love with the colourful, inspiring atmosphere, and uplifting stories and dreams of other B Schoolers. It’s a learning environment that I’m proud and stoked to be a part of!

So buckle up and prepare for the videos, products, and exciting surprises I will be releasing over the upcoming months!

And a HUGE thank you, thank you, thank you to Marie Forleo & Team Forleo for giving me this life changing opportunity! B School starts in a week, and I’m more than ready to skyrocket my company, and share my message with the world!

( Below is the video that won me this life changing scholarship! )

With endless love and light; wishing that you follow your dreams and know in your bones that YOU ARE WORTHY of all of the wonderful things this life has to offer.

P.S. I was terrified to post this video – it just goes to show, life truly does begin at the end of your comfort zone. Let fear fuel you towards your dreams!!! Awesome Marie Forleo video on that here.