Today is a super exciting day as my partner and I are embarking on a seven week adventure! To begin this journey we drove to Fernie before flying from Calgary in a few days time. We will then head to England, Spain, Switzerland, France, Germany and Wales to visit my family and to explore some new cultures – wahoooooo!

With everything packed up, it occurred to me how much we were leaving behind and it got me thinking – if we were taking all we needed for seven weeks, did we really need all of the things being stored in our home? I’m talking about the ten pairs of pants left in my drawers and all the sweaters left hanging up, and the fact that our house still felt actively lived in as though nothing was missing. Excess things and clutter have become a norm in todays day and age. So often we are surrounded by ads or ideas that we ‘need’ certain items or that all these ‘things’ will make us feel better; sometimes to the extreme of promoting that we aren’t good enough unless we look or dress a certain way. However, for me the feeling good and the freedom comes from minimalism and decluttering. The less things I have to worry about, the more free my mind feels, and the more I really value and appreciate all that I have. Also, when your home is only filled with items that you truly love, it shifts the whole energy of the environment you’re living in.

This being said – I challenge you to do a little inventory.

What in your life is no longer serving you?

What are you holding onto that could really be let go? (physically & emotionally!)

What can you let go of to free up more room for joy and clarity and freedom?

Keep what you love and what brings you joy. Holding onto things out of guilt or obligation only keeps you stuck in that energy. By clearing out clutter from your external environment you invite more peace, freedom and balance into your inner environment and you may even notice new opportunities coming into your life.

Back to our day – we dropped our beloved doggy off (sad moment), and hit the road. My partner is lucky enough to work remotely, so our drive consisted of good conversation while he drove, followed by me driving and listening to abundance clearing meditations as he worked. I always find road trips to be a good time for contemplation, and healing, and I love listening to podcasts or energy clearing sessions that boost my mood. Snow started falling as we arrived in Fernie; a stunning mountain town. Coming into our hotel we were welcomed with inspiring nature photos, making us feel right at home.

Hunger set in and we decided to venture into ‘downtown’ Fernie to go for dinner. Eventually we found a restaurant off the beaten track and decided to go in. We had no idea what we were walking into… As we first walked in it was quite interesting, a hippy vibe, and some people playing board games. A very laid back yet quirky atmosphere. A little unsure at first about our surroundings, we rolled with it and ordered some tea and food. It was a good lesson for us to trust exactly where we are. Little did we know there was live music and a group of adorable young girls sang some songs including ‘thank you for the music’ by Abba. Their teacher was really great with them and had an amazing voice. I mention this because;

a) it can be very easy to get caught up in ‘where we should be’ and comparing ourselves to others, both in the short term and the big picture. By allowing and trusting in where you are, you never know what miracle is yet to unfold. We sure didn’t expect to be serenaded by a bunch of cute kids and I didn’t expect to feel so much love and heart opening watching the magic in them and the joy on their parents faces.

No matter where you are, no matter where you feel you ‘should’ be, when you can let go of the attachment to the ‘shoulds’, you allow for greater possibility and opportunity to flow in. Ride the wave, trust God or the universe or whatever you prefer to call it, and believe that there’s always room for greater things to unfold.


b) so often we think things about others that we don’t say out loud. I’m not talking about judgments here, I’m talking about when we think of how pretty someone is, or how beautiful their singing voice is, or how much we love their energy or they brighten our day. You never know how much someone needs to hear some positive words to cheer them up! I always make an effort to try to compliment people. Not only does it bring them joy, it also brings me joy from seeing them light up! I went up and told the singing instructor how beautiful her voice was and we had a great conversation. Complimenting others is always a chance for connection.

I’m now off to hot tub and to get a good night sleep but I leave you with this:

Have faith in where you are, be open to the fact that new opportunities are always on the horizon. If you believe good things can happen, they will. Never forget to spread love and kindness wherever you go as it will fill you in the process. Compliment that person you admire, thank the people giving their time to serve you, smile at the stranger on the street, be the light and the love that this world needs more of. And remember, you are exactly where you need to be. You are never truly stuck, only planted so that you can bloom.